Downtown Flower Baskets Street Decor












The Downtown Flower Basket program is one of many created and managed by the Missoula Downtown Association in its effort to make Downtown Missoula the most beautiful and welcoming place it can be. Other street décor programs managed by the MDA include the boulevard banner program, the American flags and the holiday décor.

Missoula’s beloved Downtown Flower Baskets are installed in May of each year. A total of 98 baskets are moved from Pink Grizzly Greenhouse to the Central Park Parking Structure where a team of community volunteers and Downtown Missoula Partnership staff member hang every basket throughout Downtown Missoula and Caras Park.

The permanent all-black metal baskets that hold most of the flowers carry the mark of a famous artist. They were designed by Russell Smith, son of Russell Smith, Sr., after whom the Federal Courthouse is named. The metal barrels were constructed in 1981 and 1985. Each of the 70 baskets were individually designed and crafted with a unique theme. The remaining flower baskets hang directly from brackets that were installed in a 2010 expansion.

For more information on the flower basket program, contact Brandon Dewey at [email protected].